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Water Conservation Tip

Keep an eye on water conservation!

Do not use a garden hose to wash a driveway, sidewalk, building or house. Using a garden hose to clean surfaces is wasteful and inefficient. The garden hose flows at about ten gallons per minute or more, at a very low pressure of about 60 psi using too much water and not cleaning very well because the pressure is too low.

Pressure washing on the other hand is a far better method using two to five gallons per minute at over 2000 to 4000 psi, removing more stains, algae, dirt and grime.

Pressure or power washing is the best and approved low water and highly efficient way to wash buildings, houses, sidewalks, driveways and many other surfaces.

Although the terms “pressure washing” and “power washing” are pretty much used interchangeably, “pressure washing” generally refers to cold water and “power washing” refers to hot water.

A highly experienced technician will determine the best temperature to use for a particular job and work more quickly using professional grade equipment and detergents thereby saving even more water and doing a better job.

Do your part to conserve water. Consider using a pressure or power washer and by all means hire a professional!

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